Thursday, February 7, 2008

Coskata Update

Here's a little update on the movement of GM and Coskata to bring cheap cellulosic technology to the mainstream with commercial scale production:
Coskata has teamed with a Kansas-based company named ICM with the hopes of building a commercial scale cellulosic ethanol plant by the later part of 2010. ICM is a company that specializes in ethanol plant design, engineering, and production, and will help Coskata move from the research phase into the production phase for ethanol. Although the Coskata/GM team is moving steadily forward, 2010 is still a couple years off and they are not the only ones beginning to test their products on pilot-scale plants. Companies in Florida and Idaho are also trying their own proprietary blends and it is still too early to tell whose technology will be the cheapest, most efficient, and win out in the end.

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