Thursday, January 3, 2008

Worldwide Biomass

Looking towards the future of a global renewable fuels market, we need to have only one word in mind... biomass. As technology improves, processing will eventually switch from sugars, such as corn or sugar cane, to plant material that is harder to break down, such as lignin and cellulose. While it is imperative that we are watchful not to do more harm than good by, for example, reducing rainforest area to process into biofuels, there is a large potential for developing countries to take part in this effort because of their biomass concentration. Below is an interesting picture to illustrate that fact.
With the correct implementation of conservation and re-planting techniques, these areas could potentially be a great source of revenue. Either way, it is important in this period of extreme flux in our energy and agricultural systems that we pay attention to what may lie ahead so that we can decide with a clear mind and clear conscious what path we should take.

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